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CBD PRODUCTS 420 is the collective effort of CEO Arda Bayar and his driven team to supply high-quality CBD products at affordable prices compliant with UK law.


We will never compromise on quality, and our entire team is dedicated to providing the best supplementation.

We `pride ourselves in being Lab Tested, Vegan, Non-GMO, Organic and completely animal cruelty free as well as working with and supporting various charities acrosss the UK.




Our CBD Carts and CBG Carts contain no THC with over 40% CBD content. Tested at Green Scientific Labs.

We sell a range of edible CBD-infused products, check out our shop page!

1.) CBD Gummies 500mg: 25 Gummies 20mg each

2.) CannaBrownies 500mg CBD

 are lab tested - direct message us for COA. We can also enhance these with CBG and CBN and on special request.

Direct message us at or on our edibles instagram page linked above @CBD.Products.420.edibles


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CBD oil is our best selling product for a good reason! It is made by infusing organic hemp into C8 MCT oil. We stock various concentrations: 5%10%20%.


Great to fight off anxiety & insomnia!

Our CBD Oil may contain traces of THC below 0.2%. CBD Products 420 use third party labs to test product potency.

The anti anxiety effects of 20% CBD Oil is noticeable and I no longer get overwhelmed by performance anxiety when delivering presentations at work! I toke the CBD Carts to help me relax after work and the battery has lasted me a year with no problems.

Jake Peterson - Transport centre manager 

You can tell the CBD oil is potent by the smell... I've been using a couple drops every night to help me sleep and I've seen improvements. I could never sleep without smoking weed but now I can! I feel a lot less dependent on weed now and my head's a lot clearer. I've tried CBG Oil too and found its effects to be very similar to the CBD 

Mehmet Abbas - Software engineer

The CBD edibles are delicious! I'm always on the go and find the bottles a bit fiddly... The brownies I ordered came on time and tasted like they were fresh out the oven - I'm definitely coming back for more! In between training sessions I like to snack on the gummies, which are bite-sized and help my body recover on tougher fight days.

Jason Stewart - MMA Instructor

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