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Arda is the CEO and sole founder of CBD Products 420. He's studied Neuroscience Msc and founded the business while studying neuropharmacology at university. He displayed talent in producing high quality oil and quickly became well connected and formed a team to help keep up with the operations and spread from our dominant domestic market to the Republic of Ireland, South Africa, USA and Canada.

Contact: support@cbdp420.com

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George is our social media manager based in South Africa, Cape Town allowing us to expand to different region. He also runs our subsidiary company Cannabeard.

CONTACT: george@cbdp420.com 


About Us

A sustainable brand you can trust

We are committed to providing high-quality CBD products at an affordable price. Our CBD is 100% legal, containing no THC. At CBD Products 420, we ask you the wily consumer to decide whether CBD 'works', by reading our carefully curated research articles.

Proudly vegan and cruelty-free, our team will always strive to meet your needs and deliver excellent customer service. Check out our customers testimonials to hear more about why people use our CBD.

Question? Business proposition? Can we improve? Let us know at: