CBD For Pets

Are cannabis products safe for pets?

Dogs and cats like humans have a natural endocannabinoid system designed specifically for metabolising cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Dogs actually have more CB1 receptors than humans meaning THC is more toxic in dogs than humans. In fact dogs can actually die from THC overdoses whereas humans can’t. You should not leave any edible THC products around your pets.

CBD, however, works indirectly on CB1 & CB2 receptors helping regulate the whole system. CBD can have a calming effect on dogs. Medical uses include helping with anxiety from fireworks or separation anxiety to PTSD and depression. It can help dogs and cats feel more settled in new environments. It can help with depression or trauma a dog or cat may be experiencing. It can also help with digestion and gut health. CBD helps your body regulate its immune response to inflammation, this same biological mechanism works for pets like dogs and cats, in fact almost every animal has an endocannabiniod system, excluding insects!(2)

How to take?

For the most noticeable benefits we recommend daily use. One drop a day with a meal for small dogs, medium dogs, cats and smaller pets whereas bigger dogs over 30kg two drops a day with a meal.



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