CBD to combat migraine.

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

CBD is derived from cannabis, a plant recognised for alleviating pain via multiple pathways. CBD can cross the blood brain barrier allowing it to have psychoactive, however these affects do not lead to cognitive impairment (short term non debatable, long term debatable) like THC. Instead it results in a relaxed, functional, mellow experience.

CBD has been shown to contrict blood vessels which are in direct contact with nerves. Daily Supplementation of CBD Oil can combat this issue which leads to migraines.

Migraines aren't fully understood but we class them under 2 hypotheses!

Migraine Hypothesis For Science Nerds

1. The vascular hypothesis states that the major pathophysiological events that initiate a migraine attack occur in the perivascular nerves of the major cerebral vessels. For example cerebral arterial vasodilation could activate the perivascular sensory nerve projecting to the brain.

2. The neurogenic theory states that alteratons in blood flow develop as a consequence of neuronal events. Cortical spreading depression manifests itself as a slowly propagating wave of intense neuronal burst actvity followed by depression of spontaneous and evoked actvity.

Do you or a loved one have a migraine?


  • Not simply a bad headache

  • An intense painful headache that is accompanied by nausea, vomi5ng, visual problems and an increased sensi5vity to sound/light

  • Commonly they last between 4 hours and 3 days

  • A third of sufferers also experience migraine auras

Current medications advised by the NHS for migraines include unnatural pain killers and Sumatriptan which sometimes do more bad than good. Stay natural, stay healthy and boost your mental vitality with CBDProducts420Shop <3