Christopher’s Story: Performance anxiety and CBD

Updated: May 10, 2020

“As early as I can remember, I hated public speaking.

Back in school I used to be nervous when I answered the register. All those eyes on me – whenever I spoke – was too much for me to handle. I would squeak out a reply when called upon in class and never put my hand up. All I remember of my teenage years was whispering the bare minimum in the lesson and then awkwardly surveying the room to make sure no-one was staring.

That’s right, I suffered from performance anxiety. This type of anxiety is a very common problem. I am grateful for my circumstances – I don’t have night-terrors, or flashbacks or difficulty sleeping. My doctor thinks medication would do more harm than good. After reading about the side-effects of the antidepressants, I’m inclined to agree! High concentration CBD Oil helped me overcome my fears.

People like me slip through the cracks. We don’t have symptoms severe enough that they would irreparably affect my day to day life. We don’t pose a risk

of suicide or harm to others around us. But my quality of life was affected, as I simply could not speak in front of a group until I was 23.

Friends and family, class presentations. All the same. I. Could. Not. Speak.

Nowadays, I’m a lot more confident. My job in sales requires me to meet lots of bold, brash people. I used to hate it, and who would really rather be out networking than watching Netflix in bed – but I’ve made my peace with it. I have taken lessons, done my homework online and pushed myself to go to group therapy to get to the root of my performance anxiety.

I was already over the worst of it when I discovered CBD. I had built up a small group of friends who I cherished, and I was part of a small band - playing drums at the back. But the final piece of the puzzle had always eluded me. What was the missing ingredient, to lift me up and actually enjoy public speaking and performance.

CBD was my answer! I had been told by a friend about CBD, and have seen the crazy amount of press this chemical compound was getting. Since then, I have been in touch with the team at CBD Products 420 who were helpful in explaining how CBD has the potential to treat insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain… Hang on a minute – anxiety?

Performance anxiety can be treated with CBD. The science backed it up! I immediately purchased some CBD oil and a few gummies for good measure. Slowly but surely, I saw a change in myself that I had been after for years. I was hooked.

CBD doesn’t transform you into another person, and it doesn’t magically cure diseases. For me, CBD plays its part in my life as a health supplement. I take a few drops under the tongue first thing in the morning, otherwise I forget. Today, I feel happy, confident and motivated.

I have started to enjoy playing music in front of (slightly!) larger crowds, and conversations with important people at work don’t scare me like they used to. I have even stood up to say a few words at some conferences, to the surprise of me and my coworkers!

Don’t get me wrong – I won’t be running for President any time soon. Nevertheless, I feel driven now that I’ve finally got the confidence I was always missing.

Did you know that when you speak in front of a group of people, you’re supposed to enjoy it? Not just be happy its over, or silently congratulate yourself that you didn’t forget your words and freeze on stage. Funny, I know. Some people actually look forward to having all attention on them with a whole group of strangers watching.

I might be one of those people one day. If I am, it’s because of CBD.”

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