Customer interview with Callie: How CBD helped her sleep at night

Today we caught up with Callie, a customer of ours for the past 6 months. She initially approached us by sending a message to our popular Instagram.

Callie was struggling to get to sleep at night, and had felt fatigued and tired for quite a few weeks. After speaking to our dedicated team of researchers and scientists, she decided to try our 10% CBD oil and 20mg CBD gummies. She stayed in touch with us and informed us of her CBD experience.

We spoke to Callie and asked her a few questions about why she started taking CBD, whether it fit in with her lifestyle and whether she’ll keep taking it in the future.

Hey Callie, it’s good to hear from you again! How have you been coping during the lockdown?

"I live in Manchester, where Coronavirus luckily hasn’t hit too hard. I work as a financial coordinator for a local charity, so I tend to be glued to my laptop most of the time. Work has slowed down a bit and I miss the face-to-face of it all, but my Netflix account has kept me busy enough!"

It’s good to hear you’ve been coping alright. I wanted to ask you a few questions about CBD – but firstly, how did you hear about us?

"I am a bit of an Instagram addict, and help run the social media accounts at work. I found your page in the Discover section and had a quick browse to see what you were about! Everyone’s heard of CBD and what it can do for you as it’s all the rage in the news these days. I was curious to get a bit more information so I scrolled through your feed and followed the link to your site.

I liked the look of your website and checked out the scientific research section. Sure enough, there was a piece on sleep problems - which was exactly what I had been struggling with. I decided to contact your team through Instagram to ask a few questions I had."

You mention you had sleep problems. What exactly was going on and had you tried anything for it before contacting us?

"I have always been a light sleeper and a bit of a night owl too. About a year ago, I found myself staying up later and later – past 2AM – without managing to fall asleep. It started to get frustrating as I never felt properly rested, and I was always a bit too tired to take on the day.

Running used to be my main form of exercise, but when the fatigue set in after a night of poor sleep I didn’t really fancy dragging myself out the house. When I started putting on weight and losing focus in work meetings, I knew it was time to do something.

Googling my symptoms, it seemed like my issue was sleep hygiene. Typically things like looking at your phone late at night or eating too late can make it harder to sleep. I changed that, and also moved my desk out my bedroom and set up my workstation in the living room of my flat. I made sure that the bedroom was for sleeping only."

Did these changes help you get a better nights’ sleep?

"For a while, yes! I was able to get to sleep faster for about a month, but I still found myself waking up two or three times a night. The worst feeling is waking up half an hour before your alarm, and knowing you won’t be able to sleep any longer.

The pandemic has disrupted my work routine quite a bit, and I know if I wasn’t taking CBD right now my sleeping problems might be worse. It’s also quite hard to stop looking at your phone late at night, which meant that I couldn’t be consistent with my sleep hygiene practices."

When you spoke to us, you asked for some advice on how CBD could improve your sleep and what products we recommend. I think you eventually went for the medium-strength oil and a pack or two of the CBD gummies. What made you choose those?

"The support I received was pretty good, considering that I didn’t know much about CBD before trying it! I did my own independent research, and did find that CBD is supposed to help you sleep deeper and feel more rested when you wake up. You also made it VERY clear that your CBD products don’t have any ‘psychoactive’ effect, it works as a food supplement in the body instead.

I don’t know much about vaping or smoking, and it wasn’t something I was keen to try. I made that clear to your team, and they pointed me in the direction of some more simple ways to take the CBD. I learned that CBD can improve REM sleep, so I was keen to try it just before bed. I found that the CBD oil could be taken quickly under the tongue at night. I also picked up some of the edibles which I could take on the go if I felt restless or a bit fatigued."

You first tried CBD about half a year ago. How has your sleep changed, and has the CBD worked for you?

"Honestly, the first few days I tried it, it didn’t seem to do much. I started to think CBD was a bit of a scam, so I read and re-read all the science I could find to check if it really worked, or if I had been hoodwinked. After the first week though, I definitely felt I could fall asleep easier, and woke up feeling less fatigued. At this point, I can sleep the night through without waking up, which is what I had longed for since the beginning.

Taking the CBD gummies here and there when I needed a boost at work was also quite a nice experience. At work I felt more focused and looked a lot less tired too. I even got some questions about how I looked so fresh and energetic since I wasn’t walking around in such a daze!

It was nice to know that I was feeling good, and my energy levels were reflected by my appearance too."

Let’s talk about the future! Is CBD a big part of your life now?

"Oh I hate to disappoint! I don’t think I’m the die-hard CBD activist you’re looking for, but I will definitely continue to buy the CBD oil regularly. I might give up on the edibles because I just don’t need them as much. Now that I have started running again, the weight has flown off and my concentration and focus are better than ever before!

I take less oil now, usually 2 drops instead of 4, which was what I did when my sleep problems were really bad. The idea of being dependent on a supplement is not appealing to a lot of people including me. I’m glad I educated myself on CBD and how it works – I feel confident taking my CBD and keep a bottle by my bedside now (instead of my phone)!"

Callie, thanks for your time. We’ll be sure to send a discount code over!


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