Does CBD actually help you sleep? A Fitbit experiment

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

The science claims that CBD will help you sleep better, for longer and more deeply.

We here at CBD Products 420 have already published an article which goes into the details of exactly how CBD can help you get better sleep. The 2019 study we highlighted shows that CBD reduces anxiety symptoms and improves sleep quality!

Our ever-enthusiastic CEO – Arda Bayar – was keen to prove it! He was prepared to be the ‘guinea pig’, taking a week off from regular CBD supplementation, and seeing how it affected his sleep. Using his Fitbit, which tracks sleep length and quality, we were able to see the effect of CBD on his sleep.

We asked him to stop taking CBD for a week - and recorded the effect on his sleep.

The Fitbit is linked to an app which dissects the data and shows exactly how good (or bad!) your sleep is.


Spoiler: Arda finds that CBD makes it easier to get to sleep, and improves the quality of his sleep too!


First – a little background on sleep

Good sleep is comprised of a fine balance of REM sleep and NREM sleep.

NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep is split into five stages. During this phase of sleep, growth of muscle and bone can occur. The immune system requires a healthy dose of NREM sleep each night to function properly. 2 hours of NREM sleep a night is considered a good amount for your body.

REM sleep is the deeper phase of sleep, where dreaming occurs. Memories can be consolidated, cognitive function developed by a high amount of REM sleep. A lack of REM sleep can cause weight issues – a 2008 study found that poor REM sleep is associated with unhealthy weight gain in adolescents. Poor REM sleep can even contribute to development of migraines.

It is clear that NREM and REM sleep is required in good doses to ensure good quality sleep.

The experiment – a summary

Aim: to compare sleep quality with no CBD supplementation vs with CBD

What are we using: 20% strength CBD

How long: 2 different weeks (one week without CBD vs one week with CBD)

- Note: it should be noted that this experiment was only conducted on one person. Everyone can react to CBD differently and requires different amounts of sleep. Please consult with your doctor before supplementing with CBD.

The results

20 - 26 June: Arda took 20% CBD as usual, and received an average sleep score of 71 - indicating 'good' quality sleep.

3 - 9 August: Without taking CBD the entire week, and abstaining from supplementation the week before (so as to reduce residual CBD in the body before), the score was 61. This indicates 'average' quality sleep.


Result: Sleep was deeper and more restful according to the Fitbit data, when CBD was supplemented

We have also included a breakdown of a sample day from our study - August 3. The Fitbit takes into account the time spent in each stage of sleep.

One day alone cannot show how important CBD supplementation is, but it is a good illustration of how sleep score is calculated.

Our thoughts

Although this experiment was only over a week, Arda explained to us that he felt his sleep was deeper and more restful:

“I found it easier to get to sleep the week after I started taking CBD. In the morning when I woke up, I felt far more rested and less groggy.

Using CBD oil has helped me recover and rest after a long day of work, and I that's why I always keep a bottle on my bedside table!”

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