How can CBD help your beard?

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally-occuring chemical compound found in the cannabis sativa plant. Unlike its intoxicating counterpart THC, CBD is non psychoactive yet therapeutic/cosmetic and has been shown to keep hair looking fuller and healthy. Our CBD Beard Oil contains no THC and is legal worldwide.

How can I be sure it works?

- CBD is the active ingredient which has been shown to keep hair healthier and fuller for longer. ( please refer to references if you want to look deeper into this)

- Vegan, non GMO & cruelty free because we value health and don't want any nasty unnecessary ingredients in such a natural product

- Lab tested - Everything is lab tested to ensure you know you're getting the real deal. If you don't like the results after 30 days & your money back!

What else can CBD do?

CBD has a plethora of desirable properties: it may help you lose weight, reduce arthritic pain and even boost your immune system! Pharmaceutical companies are even attempting to harness the powers of CBD to treat rare forms of epilepsy and complex conditions such as ADHD!

How can CBD help my beard?

Research shows that applying CBD topically (directly to the skin rather than ingesting it e.g. as an oil) can have an effect. This can in turn promote healthy skin and hair.

Here is how CBD can ensure a strong and manly beard – rather than a patchy, inflamed or itchy chin!

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are well known . Many studies prove that CBD can reduce irritation and manage inflammation. Dandruff and flaky skin is a killer for beards – meaning that hair health will suffer!.

Research suggests that growing a beard could trigger acne, especially in men who are already prone to spots and lesions. This is a source of discomfort and potential anxiety for would-be beard growers. Fortunately, scientists believe that CBD is a potential therapeutic agent in treating acne. By reducing oil production and preventing pore blockages, less spots under the beard or on the skin may occur.

Applying CBD beard oil

CBD can be infused into an oil or cream, and massaged into the skin for its therapeutic effects to take action. Animal studies have suggested that applying CBD topically can reduce systemic inflammation, and growing evidence suggests that CBD can have a positive effect on your skin! CBD has a minimal side-effects profile, but any allergic reactions or rashes should be noted, and use discontinued. Always speak to your doctor before trying CBD.

Learn more about topical CBD

We have published an article explaining in even more detail how applying CBD direct to the skin can be beneficial! Human trials are in the pipeline – keep your eyes on the news as scientists publish more information about the powers of CBD!