Kevin's Story: ADHD And CBD

I am one of 120,000 people formally diagnosed with ADHD in the UK. Unlike a lot of these sufferers, I use CBD to lead a normal life.

The NHS believes that in fact over 1 million adults have ADHD, but not enough speak with their doctor, or even recongise that they have it! This number could be even higher than they estimate. When you read my story, if you recognise any of the things I struggled with – you might have a bit of ADHD too!

I was diagnosed at school – when I was 17 my parents took me to a doctor, who told me I had ‘Attention deficit hyperactive disroder’. Quite a mouthful for a teenager! At first I resented being labelled with a condition. I quickly learned to accept the challenges it posed, but also enjoyed the way it influenced my thinking.

I could never sit still in class, and often felt the need to wander away from my desk. I daydreamed and looked out the window frequently in my maths classes, yearning to go outside. My teacher regularly caught me chatting away and being disruptive, which got me in my faur share of trouble.

In subjects I enjoyed, like art and geography – I worked with laser-focus. I showed great aptitude for creative work as I was always bubbling with ideas. I was keen to present to the class and relished it when all the attention was on me.

ADHD is a double-edged sword. Despite always brimming with confidence, I was also restless and impulsive. Sometimes this paid off, and sometimes it didn’t. During the exam seasons, I struggled to concentrate or settle down and work through the day.

At this point I was prescribed Concerta (Ritalin), a slow-acting stimulant medication. This opened up a whole new world for me. I got on top of my studies and could focus for longer than 20 minutes at a time. Finally, I was channeling my energy into what I wanted to do.

Concerta wasn’t the silver bullet that solved all my problems, however. Whenever I read about ADHD medication (like Ritalin) on the internet, the nasty side-effects come up in the conversation. I went through the appetite suppression, mood swings and light-headedness that the Concerta is notorious for.

Giving up coffee was one of the hardest sacrifices I had to make! Combining

Concerta and coffee causes hyperactivity, and makes me a little anxious. A friend recommended Adderall, which works a bit faster and has a shorter-half life. Adderall affected my sleep and made me more moody, but didn’t diminish my appetite. I experimented with this for some time, but decided that both of these medications were not the right fit for me.

I eventually decided that I did not want to be dependent on Concerta my entire life. I wanted to be free of the appetite suppression, which was making me lose a bit too much weight. I wanted control of my mood and control of my anxiety.

People with ADHD are given a lot of mixed signals on how to take control without the drug. I find this a little bit funny – the worst thing you can do for a person with a hyperactivity disorder is give them too many options! I eventually found research suggesting cannabidiol, or CBD, has had some promising results in clinical trials.

CBD has hit UK headlines as an epilepsy drug and a muscle relaxant and has even made waves in America where scientists think it could be used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis! I read widely about CBD controlling anxiety and promoting a relaxed mental state.

One look at CBD Products 420’s page and I was sold! There was good scientific evidence and quality information about my condition and what CBD can do for it. Their CEO is a neuroscientist and they have a few medical students who work behind the scenes. I shot them a few questions, asked for a cheeky discount code, and made my first order.

Despite all my efforts, I am not completely off my medication. Some weeks I will take Concerta 3 times a week, but other weeks I feel a lot better and can avoid it completely. Either way, I have reduced my dosage dramatically and put on all the weight I lost over the last few years (and a bit more, to boot!).

CBD has given me back my appetite and dissolved my anxiety. When I do need to take Concerta, it works synergistically with the CBD.

CBD made my medication more effective. Sometimes, I was able to exist without taking the medication. Small, subtle differences. My decision making was improved. I became less impulsive. My thoughts came from a place of calm, not anxiety and fear.

I set out with no great expectations; I wasn’t looking for miracle cures for my condition. Now I study at university with one hand on my degree, and I can honestly say it would have been impossible to get this far without CBD.

Balance and equilibrium have been restored to my life, and for that, I am always grateful.

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