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The history of Movember

In 2003, two bros named Travis and Luke met in Melbourne, Australia for a drink and a chat. Over a cold beer, they had the idea to challenge themselves and a few friends to grow out their mustaches for the whole of November.

One year later, the gang decided to start a website to spread their idea – and it took off! The money raised by all the Mo-bros was donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA). Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among men in Australia, and it claims the lives of over 3,500 men a year. This was an issue worth some attention.

Moustaches have a funny reputation throughout history. Some people can pull it off (think Tom Selleck or Charlie Chaplin) and some are downright awful (Justins Bieber & Trudeau). Having said all that, it is all for charity! If your friends give you some stick, remind them that you’re raising money for a good cause!

Their worthwhile choice of charity takes on prostate cancer and helps men affected by it. PCFA provides support to men with prostate cancer, and raises awareness of this dangerous disease. PFCA volunteers work tirelessly to reduce the stigma around preventative prostate examination, causing earlier diagnosis and better patient outcomes.

The money raised for PCFA also funds scientific research into new, exciting and safe treatments for prostate cancer. Medical science is an ever-expanding field, and the research should improve quality of life after diagnosis for a big population


The foundation for Movember was laid down: grow a moustache, save a bro!


Prostate cancer charities around the world benefit from Travis and Luke’s idea – raising money to combat prostate cancer. Our chosen charity this November – Prostate Cancer UK – works similarly to PCFA.

What we are doing

This graphic illustrates our fantastic 50% off sale! Use the code 'MOVEMBER50' at checkout.

Not only is everything half-price, but CBD Products 420 will donate the money you saved directly to Prostate Cancer UK! Go to the store and shop now!

We decided to choose Prostate Cancer UK as a more than worthy recipient for your donation because of all the excellent work it does in helping thousands of men in their diagnosis and treatment plans.

Prostate Cancer UK and Movember

Every November, Prostate Cancer UK is involved heavily in the organisation and advertising of ‘Movember’. This month, bros across the nation challenge one another (often on social media) to grow a mustache and donate money to men’s health charities.

Some people post pictures of their occasionally dodgy mustache attempts online, so that their friends can sponsor them and have a good laugh! Others donate directly and grow a mustache themselves to show solidarity with the over 40,000 men who have prostate cancer in the UK.

While the mustaches themselves are a bit of a laugh, the work our chosen charity does is no joke.

Prostate Cancer UK educates men about the signs of prostate cancer, when to get checked, and funds research into life-saving medicines. Much like PCFA, our UK-based charity provides support to men who need it most, and provides resources and information to the partners and families of those diagnosed.

What are the symptoms of prostate cancer? Should I get tested?

We can’t let you leave without giving you some quality information! See the links below to find out more directly from Prostate Cancer UK’s website:

Check out this link to see the most common symptoms of prostate cancer

Click here to learn about at-risk groups for prostate cancer

Find out about treatment for prostate cancer

CBD Products 420 & charity

Corporate responsibility! Two big words which companies love to throw around, but often don't deliver on.

Our CBD-in-Chief, Arda Bayar suggested that we support a charity this November at a team meeting. As a health and wellness supplement company, we feel our responsibility to health promotion doesn't end with the CBD. Prostate Cancer UK saves lives - and provides incredible mental health support to vulnerable men across the country.

We loved the idea, and the promotion was decided. Not only would the customers enjoy the savings, they could also be proud to support a worthwhile cause.

Enjoy your half-price CBD products with the code 'MOVEMBER50' all month!