My CBD journey

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Why I started

CBD has massively helped my mental health. More specifically, it has helped me with my social anxiety. I feel a lot more comfortable in situations and environments which would normally affect my mood acutely anxiety. I am a huge advocate of meditation - CBD oil has allowed me to rapidly enter a meditative state, for a long time! This transient state increases your decision-making skills, and can create a positive ripple effect in your life.

“The quality of sleep wasn’t always great and negatively affected my memory, particularly as most memory consolidation occurs in REM deep sleep!”

I previously encountered insomnia, which threatened my mental health. Having tried zopiclones (a prescribed sleeping pill) from doctors and even turning in desperation to Valium to sleep(!) I faced dependency problems and grogginess. The medication seemed to help in the short run, but then make matters worse in the long run. THC briefly provided me with a better option, however, side effects - although milder - still existed.

“The quality of sleep I was getting wasn’t always great and I feel like it was negatively affecting my memory, particularly as most memory consolidation occurs in REM deep sleep which THC actually decreases!” CBD Oil and Flower came to the rescue, and I can already feel the increase REM sleep! My insomnia capitulated as the quality of my sleep increased, my memory was sharp and cravings I had for a J were replaced by CBD flower. CBD – it is worth noting - does not impair short term memory like THC.

As an individual prescribed Concerta (extended-release Ritalin) for ADHD, I found that in order to stay on top of university life I had to have them daily. I knew it wasn’t good for my health. In fact, all my mental health challenges were amplified. The benefit being I could focus on my Neuroscience degree at Kings College London, a highly academic university. I used to find my blood sugar levels getting low because I’d lost my appetite or forgotten to eat. CBD oil and flower helped me. CBD oil helped me stimulate my appetite throughout the day and I could manage to eat after smoking some CBD flower.

CBD helps with my social anxiety, insomnia and even helps me eat as I struggle with low appetite. This is why I started a website to educate people. Our vision started with just scientific articles, but we’ve expanded so that we can bring the power of CBD to the masses!