Rico’s story: Anxiety and CBD

I take CBD every day. It helps me feel strong and in control, and I don’t notice any side effects.

Not long ago, I used to feel anxious every day. That made me feel sad and scared, and leaked into my professional and private life.

Although I am now a sworn advocate, my journey with CBD began a little unexpectedly. I was introduced to CBD not long ago, as I was preparing for end of year exams at university.

My friend Ali, who studies with me in the library was talking about a new supplement he was trying. I wasn’t too surprised; study drugs are common, with around a fifth of students having tried some kind of performance booster. However, he wasn’t talking about a study drug or stimulant. He was talking about CBD.

“CBD? I don’t think getting high is going to help us get anything done” I laughed. But Ali was eager, and he explained that CBD isn’t ‘psychoactive’ – it can in fact relax your mood and help calm you down.

As a computer science student, I sit a lot of exams. A lot. I work most days at the college lab, and when I’m not there I’m pushing on at home.

Last academic year I sat over 15 exams, each one challenging me in a different area of my course. The pressure was real, and I was treading serious water to stay afloat. I was nervous around exam time (so all the time!) and I. Was. Exhausted.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy my studies! I have found my passion in computer science, and look forward to being a part of the field all my life. Job-hunting is on the horizon for me, and I am ready to start honing my skills in a team.

I needed something to help me keep a cool head while revising. Ali was focused on creating a great environment to work in. By placing himself in a calm mental state, he felt able to focus and get things done. After trying some CBD edibles over the next few months, I felt my pre-exam nerves begin to fade.

I settled into a rhythm, and regularly got lost in my revision. Unthinkable just a few months prior, I was taking the ever-increasing workload in my stride. My results started to reflect the extra effort I put in, which only made me more confident.

It wasn’t all fun and games, and I still struggled with key aspects of my course every so often. The computing got harder, and I found my abilities being stretched. Computer science can be a test not only of your intelligence, but also of your discipline. The projects I was assigned to were probing, and there was little room for error.

I am not ashamed to admit that I had a breakdown or two. Sometimes it all just seemed too much. I am sure that things would have been worse if I had never followed Ali’s advice to give CBD a try. I had lots of support from my parents, which helped me concentrate and get my head down.

Nevertheless, here I am. I have a near 100% pass rate on my exams, with my eyes on the internship I secured for this summer. I have no nerves at the moment, and attribute that to my new exercise regimen and CBD.

I was amazed to learn that CBD also helps treat inflammation! I definitely felt my athletic efforts were bolstered by my CBD supplementation. I will keep reading about how CBD works, and what exactly it does to the body. There’s plenty of resources out there that will help me in my search.

2 years after starting CBD supplementation, I have gone on to achieve some pretty big things. My family are proud of me, and I am grateful for their support. Ali remains my close friend, although he sometimes has to compete for my attention with CBD!

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