Sandra’s Story: CBD was a game-changer for my insomnia

My name is Sandra. For a long time I was tired. I was never asleep but somehow, I could never wake up.

Insomnia is glorified in fiction. You’ve heard of the typical insomniac: hyper-active, awake at all hours and incredibly productive. ‘Burning the midnight oil’ the textbook insomniac is awake all day, and doesn’t switch off at night.

Sleep problems are nothing like they say.

I first started having trouble sleeping after work, when I was 22. It was my first job, and the pressure of deadlines and mixed emotions about my new co-workers swirled around in my head. Try as I might, I couldn’t rest. I became anxious at first, worried that my lack of good sleep would affect my performance. Poor sleep has been linked to bad exam grades and worse social skills – I was desperate to make good first impressions.

Insomnia, as I discovered in brutal fashion, does not allow you to be vigilant and awake at all times. Rather it feels like you are always asleep, or lucid. Floating like a fairy through my day, I never quite remembered anything. I couldn’t engage or enjoy anything properly. I always wanted to sleep, and was frustrated when I only got a few hours a night.

I was hesitant to dip into sleeping pills, so I tried yoga, meditation, and really anything else my friends suggested. I didn’t get the result I was looking for, but was grateful to make progress in my journey to get some good shut-eye.

Practising good sleep hygiene definitely helped. It is just good practise for anyone to shut off their mobiles an hour before bed, and only use the bedroom for sleeping. Once I cleared my laptop and work stuff out of my room, I was less tense and more prepared to sleep. 4 months into my work, I was starting to get into routine and could sleep for longer.

However, the stress of work did not simply vanish, and my unhealthy caffeine addiction was gnawing away at me. I could count on 6 hours of sleep a night with some certainty, but any scientist will tell you that 6 hours is not enough.

Growing frustrated, I tried herbal supplements. Online research said that sleep problems were common in young women my age, which made me determined to beat my demons. My first port of call was peppermint tea, a mainstay of my childhood, but I was unsuccessful. I began looking further afield, stumbling upon some interesting results.

CBD was a chemical I knew nothing about, and I was unsure whether it actually did anything. Last year, it seems that every article I read either blamed CBD for the world’s ills, or touted it as a miracle cure for everything from anxiety to amnesia.

Speaking of which, I felt a layer of anxiety which had remained low but steady in the background, and was beginning to drain me. Days went by in the blink of an eye it seemed, and my energy levels were non-existent at the weekends. I knew I had to give CBD a chance.

Trying some 15% CBD oil under the tongue, I saw some results and promised I would never look back. I got to sleep easier, and I could stay asleep for longer. These simple results were all I ever wanted.

The science backs my experience. CBD has been shown to decrease daytime sleepiness and improve sleep. I even read that CBD has been trialled to treat chronic pain. The idea is that those who struggle with pain find it difficult to sleep, so the CBD helps alleviate the pain, allowing the patient to drift off.

Several months after my first order, I can proudly say that CBD has helped me get back on track. The first thing I noticed was my enthusiasm coming back. I found joy in cooking, exercising, and even socialising at work. My co-workers noticed the change in my appearance and demeanour, and I received many supportive compliments.

They did not truly know what I went through, the fatigue I had suffered with and the restless hours in my bedroom. I didn’t expect them to understand, nor would I want to. It was exceptionally unpleasant and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. I turned the tide almost 2 years ago against my sleeplessness, and not a day goes by where I don’t thank my CBD for changing the game.

Telling my friends about CBD, they were skeptical. If you are feeling skeptical about CBD – fair play! Don’t always believe what you read on the news, I told my mates. CBD isn’t a wonder drug, and scientists are still conducting research into it to see how it actually works.

However, CBD was the solution for me and that is my truth. I am always on the lookout for other food supplements and tweaks to my diet than can better my sleep.

But for now, I can relax, breathe easy and be comfortable that I will get to sleep tonight.

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