Sex and CBD: It's Time to Remember What Sex Drive Is

Let's be honest; not all of us have it easy when things heat up in the bedroom - some people may need help.

Low libido in men and women is a result of various factors, such as hormone deficiency, ailment or performance anxiety. Many people have been experimenting with CBD - and say that after using cannabidiol, their sex life improved significantly.

You may ask: “can CBD help improve my libido?” Although cannabidiol reacts differently with each individual, research shows it can improve your sex drive and several areas of your sex life.

What is CBD?

CBD - or cannabidiol - is a compound extracted from the plant Cannabis sativa. It does not have psychoactive effects. CBD is popular because of its healing properties, and can boost your wellness.

Cannabidiol comes packaged in various forms, and it’s up to the user to choose their preferred mode. At CBD Products 420 we specialise in selling CBD in several forms, including:

● Liquid oil droppers

● Edibles

● Lubricants

Each type reacts differently. If you want an instant reaction, you could use a cosmetic cream. This would absorb topically through the skin Because this type of product does need to undergo digestion; it will travel directly to the blood capillaries.

If you are a first-timer, you may wonder how to use CBD for sex drive.

The various methods of using cannabidiol include:

● Infusing it with your food and drinks

● Placing several oral drops under your tongue

● Vaping CBD

● Applying lubricant to your genitals

Before engaging in any intimate activities, it would be best to apply CBD lube for lubrication, easing pain during sex. Sometimes low libido is caused by stress from work or family. Get the best CBD massage oil and ask your spouse to do the honors; you can light up some candles to create an intimate environment.

Some methods of consumption are discreet, and others not. For instance, if you want to take it at work, you can use either gummies, oral drops, or mix it with your food or drinks.

This article will discuss the link between CBD and sex drive. But first, let’s look at some sex CBD products and herbs good for improving your libido.

CBD and Sex Drive In Women

There are several reasons a woman may have a low libido, and these include:

● Hormone deficiency

● Menopause

● Iron deficiency

● Lack of natural lubrication

● Medical condition

● Psychological problems, such as mood swings and anxiety

CBD heals various illnesses, and it is no different from sex problems. Women in their menopause face several changes in their bodies, primarily in their sex life as their vagina dries up, causing pain during sex.

CBD lotion for sex could be a solution, relaxing your muscles and making sex much more enjoyable. People report improved mood and a sense of calmness and wellbeing, improving your sex life.

CBD and Man's Sex Drive

Some factors that affect men's sex life include:

● Erectile dysfunction

● Low levels of testosterone

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can either be temporary or permanent. And it can put a dampener on a man's confidence and his sex drive. The good news is that cannabidiol can be one part of the solution. Studies suggest that men can use cannabidiol in managing ED.

Evidence is limited, but studies are beginning to suggest CBD can improve sex drive - by imrproving libido.

What Are The Other CBD Benefits?

New evidence - in the lab only - suggests that one day cannabidiol could also treat and manage

● Anxiety

● Stress

● Pain

● Depression

● Insomnia

All the above contribute towards low libido.

Final Thoughts

Do not suffer in silence; if you are having problems with your sex drive, try CBD, but first, seek your doctor's advice.

Have you used CBD for sex drive? What was your experience? Please share your opinions and questions, drop us a line at We will share a discount code with you if you write in!

Author's Bio: Rae-Rae has been experiencing pain during penetration for quite some time. But after using CBD balm, her experience was out of this world. Although her orgasm was not that intense, she says she was more comfortable because there was no pain, improved blood flow, and lubrication was on point.