CBD-in-Chief: Sit down with the CEO

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Arda Bayar knows a thing or two about CBD. A big proponent of legalisation nationwide, and a regular user of CBD in all its forms, he has a dearth of knowledge on the powerful plant extract sweeping the globe. Studying Neuroscience has only bolstered his scientific knowledge, and whet his appetite for mind-improving chemicals. His area of interest is nootropics, their application and their use to better the mind - how to use natural supplementation to reach one's full potential.

In order to better get to know CBD Products 420, I sat down with the CEO and founder.

Arda, why do you want to sell CBD?

In the past decade the increase in mental health problems has been exponential and the NHS aren't equipped enough to help everyone. CBD and many other cannabiniods could play a huge role in tackling mental health worldwide and due to cannabis' cultural sigma nobody wants to adopt responsibility for proper research and distribution.

I want to be at the centre of research and distribution. I want to adopt this responsibility to help people and educate people about the vast array of therapeutic potential of cannabinoids like CBD.

We’re a team of scientists, all with medical background who publish cannabis research articles. CBD helps me regulate my sleep and got rid of my insomnia. I've now tested a whole range of cannabinoids and researched them extensively. I wanted to share my findings with you. You're clearly a big fan but who do you reckon could actually benefit from your CBD?

CBD is a naturally produced by your own body – everyone has an endocannabinoid system in their body designed specifically for CBD and other cannabiniods. The way it works it allows your body to regulate itself and reach a more favourable equilibria. For example if you supplemented CBD while anorexic you'd see an increase in appetite whereas if you supplemented CBD while obese you'd see a decrease in appetite. CBD works by balancing things out so to answer you question, anyone with a biological imbalance!

I see it in shops everywhere, you can spot a couple of boutique CBD cafes all over London! Even Holland and Barrett do CBD these days, why do you think there's still stigma around cannabis-derived medicine?

CBD products are legal while cannabis, the plant that is used to made it, is illegal – but stigma remains. Misinformation has been passed down from generation to generation about the dangers of cannabis. I hope to eliminate that stigma with education. How do you make your CBD Oil? Do you use natural products?

We infused CBD flower into C8 MCT Oil, this medium boosts blood ketone levels more than any other medium. We wouldn't infuse the CBD into unhealthy fats, that would be silly. Being from a health background I picked nothing but the best. As for the process I have been through the decarboxylating and infusion process over one thousand times, practise makes perfect really. We then send samples to 3rd party labs to get a cannabinoid potency test.

I've seen you in the fitness industry doing personal training and bodybuilding! Was your background in fitness useful for what you do now?

It's definitely given me some background knowledge to develop my passion for neuropharmacology and cannabinoid research.

It's funny you say that because I first stumbled into CBD as a bodybuilding supplement. The marketing behind that was that it helps rest and recovery. My research does support this theory but the benefits a far more vast!

I have always loved bodybuilding, training gives me a release from the stress of everyday life. I have competed at Miami Pro and earned my pro card as a fitness model. However, while this is all going on I’ve taken a break from the stage!

Business must be booming, who supplies your CBD to sell on Instagram and your online store?

We source our CBD carefully and directly from farmers in Italy or labs in California. We work hard to produce the oil which we guarantee will be top-quality with every batch.

Finally Arda I have to know, what's coming up next for the company?

You'll have to check our social media to find that out. All I can say is there are big suprises on the way! We are looking to expand our research and our cannabinoid range. Check our instagram to keep updated: @cbd_products_420

Thank you, it's been a pleasure interviewing you and I hope we see big things from CBD Products 420 in the years to come

I just want to take a moment to accredit my team who have had full faith in my vision and supported me even when others didn't appreciate my vision. I owe it to you and all other people who believed in me. Thank you.