Vaping CBD vs smoking CBD - which is better?

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

I am going to break down the differences between vaping and smoking your CBD buds. It is important to note CBD buds contain no carcinogens, however, smoking CBD buds can irritate your respiratory system. Luckily with the development of medical technology, vaporisers are widely available and allow a much healthier route of administration.

When we vaporise instead of combusting, the respiratory effects are almost completely eliminated. The temperature of a burning joint (or cigarette) can reach temperatures over 600C when you are inhaling, this temperature is unnecessarily high; not only do some cannabinoids get destroyed hence reducing the efficiency of your experience but harmful chemicals can be produced at these extreme high temperatures, as well as ash which can collect as small micro particles in your lungs.

Different cannabinoids vaporise at slightly different temperatures. CBD (and THC) starts to vaporise at 160-180C. I would recommend vaping at 180-200C. The lower the temperature the lower the dose of cannabinoids per toke but the smoother it will be. Everybody has their own sweet spot and trial and error will help you find it. At 220C and above the buds may start to gently combust, particularly is your buds are dry.

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